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In 1997 my family had a dream of starting a Toronto construction and restoration company that put family values and honestly above anything else. Like most other families in our area, our family had seen its share of troubles, but the one thing we always had to come back too was home. Your home is your sanctuary and no one understands that more than Water Damage Restoration Toronto Contracting Inc. Water Damage Restoration Toronto Contracting in Toronto is a family owned construction and restoration company in the Toronto area that has been proudly serving the people of this city and the areas surrounding it for over fifteen years. We have offered emergency services, home restorations after disasters and multiple other building services in the Toronto area for over a decade and a half and we would love to be your next contractor.

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We’re Here For You If Disaster Strikes

Flooding, fires and all sorts of emergencies can hit your home or business at any time. Some call them acts of God, but we refer to them as opportunities to work with a new friend. That’s what we do above anything else, is build relationships with our clients. You are our neighbors, but we’ll treat you like family. Our craftsmanship, skills and experience will work for anyone, but our friendly and exceptional customer service are what make us one of the most recognized, utilized and welcomed contracting companies in the Toronto area. Let us put our professional craft to work for you. We not only offer residential renovations, restorations and design builds, but we also work with commercial interests. You simply will not find a more likeable, reliable and efficient contracting company in Toronto.

Professional’s To The Core

Our team will be there every step of the way with whatever project that you have. All of our team members have years of experience working in and around construction zones so they will take extra care of your home or business every moment they are on the job. We are professionals and we take great pride in our work. One of the most important parts of our job is to keep open lines of communication with every level of your project. So if you have a full construction team in place, we will make absolutely sure to coordinate all of our efforts to make your project go smoothly, stress free and as efficiently as possible.

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