October 07 2015

Changing to Energy Star Lighting

Efficient Home

If you want to run a household that’s efficient as can be, then making the change to Energy Star Qualified LED lighting is without a doubt the way to go. There are many exciting advantages associated with use of this innovative lighting technology.

Energy Bills Savings

First and forest, Energy Star lighting can decrease your monthly energy bills. This type of lighting employs a minimum of 75 percent less energy than the alternative option of incandescent lighting. If you’re interested in saving big money, going the Energy Star lighting route can truly work.

Cooling Costs

This lighting can also cut down on cooling costs. Since LEDs don’t generate much heat, you won’t have to use your air conditioning unit as frequently.

Maintenance Costs

You can even lessen your maintenance costs with Energy Star lighting. This lighting has much more longevity than its incandescent counterpart. It also has more longevity than fluorescent lighting. When you opt for Energy Star lighting, you no longer have to concern yourself with the hassles of replacing bulbs, either.

No Worries About Shattering Bulbs

Energy Star lighting is also wonderfully resilient and sturdy. Bulbs can shatter, after all. If you invest in Energy Star lighting, fears of breaking will no longer have to occupy your thoughts.

Useful Features

There are also many helpful and modern features that are part of Energy Star lights. Certain indoor varieties are equipped with dimming capabilities, to be specific. Certain outdoor varieties, on the other hand, are equipped with motion sensors and automatic daylight shut-off. If those features sound enticing to you, then you’re a perfect candidate for transitioning to Energy Star lighting.

Contact City Vibe Consulting

If you’d like to save money on Energy Star lighting, be sure to print out the fall coupons that are available. If you have any questions regarding Energy Star lighting and what it can do for your household and lifestyle, contact us at City Vibe Consulting without delay.