July 27 2015

Check Your Caulking

The Importance of Checking Window Caulking

Caulking and Drafts

If you want to maintain the comfort of your home, then it’s up to you to check your caulking on a regular basis. If your window caulking isn’t up to par, water and air can makes its way into your residence. This can lead to major discomfort for you and for the rest of the members of your household. It can also sometimes lead to increases in monthly energy bills.

Summer Heat and Window Caulking

Assess your window caulking frequently to prevent unpleasant chilly drafts in your home. Start by looking at the caulk located on your exterior window frame. This is important because the heat of the summer months sometimes causes outside caulk to become overly dry. This, in turn, brings on the conspicuous cracks that enable water and H20 to become unwelcome visitors on your property.

Caulking and Pest Management

Caulking is also an important matter for pest control purposes. If you want to make sure that your property is 100 percent free of creepy crawlies, then you need to check on your caulking frequently. Without proper window caulking, pesky insects can easily gain access to your home, which is probably the last thing you want.

Caulking and Potential Water Damage

Window caulking is vital for maintaining a comfortable residence. Cold drafts are no fun especially in the middle of the wintertime. Heat leaks are no party either. It’s also not exactly great to have H20 leakage inside of your residence. Water coming into your windows can sometimes lead to damage of your possessions. If you want to keep your belongings safe as can be from water damage, then it’s absolutely critical to make sure that your window caulking is always in tiptop shape.