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October 07 2015 0comment

Changing to Energy Star Lighting

Efficient Home If you want to run a household that’s efficient as can be, then making the change to Energy Star Qualified LED lighting is without a doubt the way to go. There are many exciting advantages associated with use of this innovative lighting technology. Energy Bills Savings First and forest, Energy Star lighting can […]

September 27 2015 0comment

Top 5 Home Improvement Trends of 2015

Owning a home means having a continual list of areas needing repair. For many different reasons, families often choose to make their home more livable. There are many styles, techniques and tools that serve as inspiration for 2015 if you feel the need to upgrade, redecorate or renovate. Generic Design The concept basically involves making […]

September 07 2015 0comment

10 Ways Increase Your Resale Value

A home can be a wonderful investment if the owner is willing to put in the work to maintain and improve on it. After these improvements, often one will find that the value of the home has far outstripped its original price point. Following are ten great improvements you can make on your home to […]

August 27 2015 0comment

Why Tree Pruning Is Important

Pruning a tree is trimming away the dead or overgrown branches on a tree or shrub, and it is important for many reasons. Most importantly, it keeps you, your family, and your property safe. Dead or overhanging limbs can be a safety hazard to people, power lines, and building structures. Pruning itself can also be […]

August 07 2015 0comment

Why Gutter Cleaning Matters

If you allow debris to collect in your gutters, prepare to deal with home maintenance issues in the future. Gutters are important because they keep rainwater from weakening the foundation of your home. They also protect your landscape from floods that may develop during severe weather conditions. This apparatus is extremely useful, but you’ll expose […]

July 27 2015 0comment

Check Your Caulking

The Importance of Checking Window Caulking Caulking and Drafts If you want to maintain the comfort of your home, then it’s up to you to check your caulking on a regular basis. If your window caulking isn’t up to par, water and air can makes its way into your residence. This can lead to major […]

July 07 2015 0comment

Summer Commercial Building Emergency Checklist

You seen it many times. It’s summertime, you’re driving down the street, you hear the sirens, you see one or more fire trucks whizzing by and then later that day on the news you hear there was a fire in such-and-such a business…and you wonder what the cause was. If you’ve got a business yourself, […]

June 27 2015 0comment

Check Your AC in the Spring to Keep Cool in the Summer

It seems to happen every summer: Your air conditioning unit breaks down in the middle of the hottest month of the year. Getting an appointment with a repair specialist takes several days if you even have the money to afford it. Until then, you might as well break out the oscillating fans and sit in […]

June 07 2015 0comment

Top 5 Plants for Boosting Office Morale and Productivity

A healthy workplace is a happy workplace, and there’s no better way to invigorate your office than introducing plants. Numerous studies have touted the benefits of incorporating plants into office environments such as improved air quality, which can greatly boost morale and productivity. Here are five plants that are easy to care for and will […]

May 27 2015 0comment

Ditch Your Single Serving Coffee Pods to Save Money and the Environment

Single serving coffee pods are becoming a staple item in offices across the world. Unfortunately, they are becoming permanent fixtures in landfills as well. Despite their tiny size, the trash adds up quickly: Keurig Green Mountain, which is just one of dozens of single serving coffee producers, made more than eight million coffee pods last […]