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May 07 2015 0comment

Why LED Lights are Now a No-Brainer for Everyone

LED, or light-emitting diode, lights have become standard in homes and workplaces for good reasons: they save money by lasting longer and being more energy efficient. Additionally, they can output an array of different colors of light, making them very adaptable for different settings. If you need further convincing, read below for more details about […]

April 27 2015 0comment

Tips for Starting a Rooftop Garden at Work

Many urban dwellers who are stuck inside all day at their jobs don’t even bother to leave their office during breaks because the outdoors looks just as industrial as the inside of a building. What better way to make your employees really feel like they’re on break than providing them with a garden to relax […]

April 07 2015 0comment

Why February is Chimney Inspection Month

Fireplaces and chimneys are great to have during the cold winter months, but they require a little bit of upkeep every year to keep you warm. Aside from the obvious wear and tear from all the smoke, snow and ice buildup can also damage your chimney rendering it ineffective and potentially dangerous. As water seeps […]

March 27 2015 0comment

Top 5 Tips for Offices Going Green in 2015

The time for spring cleaning is here, so it’s out with the old and in with the new. More businesses are going green every day, and March is the perfect month for making your office more environmentally friendly. Here are five ideas to help your company save the environment and cut costs in the process. […]

March 07 2015 0comment

Cater Your Next Company Lunch With Veggies From Your Own Garden

Urban jungles are starting to look a lot greener lately as more individuals and businesses are embracing rooftop gardens. The benefits of green roofing are manifold: They help reduce carbon emissions in the environment, they lessen the burden of water run-off from flash flooding and the can increase property values. For businesses, rooftop gardens can […]

February 27 2015 0comment

Basement Flood Cleanup is Best Left to Professionals

Anyone who has dealt with a flooded basement knows that cleanup is complicated, costly and potentially dangerous. You will likely feel in over your head if trying to tackle the job alone. Below are some general guidelines and things to look for when doing flood cleanup, but consider consulting City Vibe as our professional technicians […]

February 07 2015 0comment

Why You Should Start Preparing for the Snow Melt in February

Before winter wraps up, you need to get prepared for the changing of seasons. All of the snow on your property will soon turn into water, and if that happens rapidly, you could have a flood on your hands. February is the perfect time to start getting ready for the impending snow melt, so grab […]

January 27 2015 0comment

Winning Energy Efficient Home Ideas

One of the places we can get ideas for what’s ‘coming down the pike’ in energy-efficient home ideas is from what the government says it likes. One such venue is US Dept. of Energy (DOE) and their annual Solar Decathlon, a contest open to college teams in which they have an opportunity to show what […]

January 07 2015 0comment

How to go green in your home renovation project

Lots of people are putting remodelling time and money into their homes today because of the increasing cost of heating and cooling and also because they’re spending more time at home. One of the key values in home remodelling projects is the concept of ‘green’ remodelling. Green remodelling simply means that as much recycled material […]

December 27 2014 0comment

First Time Home Buyers Tips

If you’ve ever owned a home, then you know the feeling of accomplishment, pride and joy that comes along with it. There are almost always some inevitable obstacles that you must overcome as a homeowner too, however and you have to take those into consideration when buying your first home. Setting yourself up for failure […]