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December 07 2014 0comment

Christmas Decorations Safety Tips

There is nothing like the feeling you get when you put up your Christmas decorations. Many families get together and put up their Christmas tree as a family holiday tradition. Dad goes outside and puts up thousands of lights on the roof and around the house, while mom and the kids put up garland and […]

November 27 2014 0comment

The Perfect Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year again! Most people start looking for that perfect Christmas tree about a month from the treasured holiday. For some families, they simply go out and buy an artificial tree and spend an evening putting it together and decorating it with their family. Other families prefer to go out to a […]

November 07 2014 0comment

Home Trauma Emergency… Plan Ahead

Bad things happen and while there are professionals to help you handle different situations in life, more often than not, they’re only there to help you ‘after the fact’. When most problems happen, you’re the only one there so if you’ve planned ahead at least you’ll be able to mitigate some of the consequences of […]

October 27 2014 0comment

How To Winter-proof Your Home From Power Outages

Ahhh, yes… the joys of “All-Electric Living”! They are truly wonderful… as long as you’ve got power. But let something happen to the electrical power that brings these wonders of convenience and utility and suddenly you and your whole family are severely inconveniences or possibly even in real dancer. Recent bad weather in much of […]

October 07 2014 0comment

Shovel That Snow and Check Those Drains

to keep you home safe this March It’s getting to be the time of year, in areas that get a lot of snow, when the snow melts. Whether that snow is on the ground or on the roof of your home, it can present a problem if it’s prevented from draining properly. One can easily […]

September 27 2014 0comment

Shred Your Home’s AC Power Bill and Go Green

Contrary to what you might think, you do not have to allow the rising cost of energy to eat a big hole in your budget in order to keep your home reasonably cool in the summer. Some of the ‘old-fashioned’ remedies to ‘beat-the-summer-heat, like dressing cool, sipping iced-tea and sitting outside in the shade are […]

September 07 2014 0comment

Condo Flood Recovery Checklist

Condominiums, AKA: “Condo’s”, are one of the most popular types of dwellings. People like condos because they’re usually good values on a per square foot basis, there are certain social advantages with the local condo community yet you still keep your privacy, there’s usually no upkeep because it’s all included in the price, they represent […]

August 27 2014 0comment

Condominium Spring Preparation Checklist

It’s getting near the time of year where areas that get snow during the winter are starting to experience melting snow. For managers of apartments or condominiums they’ve got some serious work to do. Here’s some tips to make the job as safe and efficient as possible. Clear the areas where people traffic first. When […]

August 09 2014 0comment

How To Weed Out Bad Construction Companies… 7 Tips

In life, we all need other people to help at various times. While it’s always nice to know who we’re dealing with, there are unavoidably times when we’re forced to deal with a service contractor that we don’t know. In times like those most of us grit out teeth and hope that we’re making a […]

July 27 2014 0comment

Home Fire Emergency: Plan Ahead!

The home fire! Something nobody hopes to ever have but, for a fact, comes as a total surprise to everybody who does have one. If you think people just like you don’t have home fire emergencies… just turn your TV on. They’re never welcome but they can be, somewhat, planned for. Here are some tips […]