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December 12 2012 0comment

Christmas Light Safety Tips

Faulty Christmas lights can be the cause of deadly fires. Every holiday season homes and businesses all over North America light up with hundreds of billions of beautiful Christmas lights of nearly every color imaginable. They joyfully light up the beach condo’s of Los Angeles all the way to the snow-covered homes of Toronto. Often […]

November 19 2012 0comment

Your Unfinished Basement

Altering your basement. If you have been thinking about trying to turn your basement into a beautiful, fun and usable living area for your home or you just want to turn it into anything but a damp, spider-infested cavern in the bottom of your house then you should continue reading! Getting motivated for a basement […]

October 15 2012 0comment

How To Prevent A Home Flood

We are routinely asked what to look for when trying to detect leaks in and around our clients’ homes. There are a number of places that can form leaks.