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Asbestos Removal and Remediation

Whether you discover mould or asbestos growing in your office or your home, it is best to avoid contact and contact our Toronto mould removal service immediately. The potential risks depend on the type of mould in question, but typically include toxicity and health issues. When you discover asbestos, call us for mould removal in Toronto and we will immediately assess the situation with a laboratory analysis and determine the risk of fibres being released in the air. Our team will investigate to determine the best solution, the severity of your issue, and if necessary, provide professional removal of the asbestos.

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A Safe Mould Removal Solution

We have years of experience providing solutions across Toronto with our mould removal service. We have mastered the process required to provide long-lasting solutions to problems with mould. For removal in Toronto, as well as mould removal in Mississauga, our certified staff begin by evaluating mould growth patterns in your building. With an environmental hygienist, we take air samples and inspect for mould. Based on the results, we will seal off the contaminated area, remove and decontaminate affected materials with anti-microbial agents, use our specialized machine to capture any mould spores in the air, and clear all toxic waste.

#1 Choice for Mould Removal

Regardless of the scope, size, or severity of your mould and asbestos issues, our Toronto mould removal service has the experience and the expertise required to restore your home or business back into a safe and healthy living or working environment. Our mould removal company from Toronto always abides by all required safety standards, consistently uses protective gear during the mould removal process, and is here to provide valuable tips and information to clients on how to prevent mould growth. For mould removal in Toronto or mould removal in Mississauga, the team at We Do It Right Restoration is here for you.

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