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Causes of Sewage Backup

There is nothing worse for your home, your finances and your stress levels than a backed up sewer. Sewer backups can cause permanent damage to the foundation of your home itself – including your floors, walls, furniture and electrical systems. The three primary causes of your sewer backups are: sewage backflow, lateral drain, and drain stack/main drain/sewer line clogs. Luckily, sewage backup cleaning in Toronto is affordable, reliable and impactful. When you hire our sewage backup cleaning company in Toronto, you are hiring some of the top experts in the field, backed by a guarantee to protect your home.

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Preventing Sewage Backup

There are many ways to prevent sewage backup and thus prevent the need for sewage backup cleaning in Toronto. We recommend the following preventive measures: safe and correct removal of grease, proper paper product disposal in the toilet, replace your line with a new plastic pipe, hire professionals to fix illegal plumbing systems and/or install a backwater valve. For help preventing sewage backup, call our Toronto sewage backup cleaning service today. We offer more than just sewage backup cleaning for Toronto emergencies. We offer inspections to check your sewer to ensure a safe and reliable system is in place.

Sewage Backup Cleaning

When we provide sewage backup cleaning in Toronto and sewage backup cleaning in Mississauga, we guarantee satisfaction. From wet-vacuuming to remove spillage, to mopping, disinfecting, steam cleaning, and repairing damaged area, you will hardly know a backup occurred. Included in our Toronto sewage backup cleaning service is Infrared Thermography (IT). IT is a technique that produces an image of infrared light emitted by objects due to the heat, or lack thereof. Infrared inspection is a fast, non-invasive method to discover moisture intrusion within a building to help with early detection of mold or potential risks of backup. Call today for sewage backup cleaning in Mississauga and Toronto!

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