September 07 2015

10 Ways Increase Your Resale Value

A home can be a wonderful investment if the owner is willing to put in the work to maintain and improve on it. After these improvements, often one will find that the value of the home has far outstripped its original price point. Following are ten great improvements you can make on your home to increase that resale value.

  1. Landscaping

    While the house itself makes up a lot of the home’ value, don’t forget to pay attention to what surrounds the house, particularly your trees and bushes. Go out and prune and limb the vegetation as tangled bushes and unkempt trees will serve to promote mold, darken exteriors and obscure a good view of the house.

  2. The Front Door

    The entrance to the home will be the first thing a buyer sees; the introduction. It’s the house’s handshake, so to speak.

  3. Let In Light

    Many believe good lighting helps the most to improve the appeal of a home. Adding a dimmer will also work wonders.

  4. Clear Space

    Simply taking down a non-structural will help improve the flow of the house by creating additional space.

  5. Bath Improvements

    The bathroom is also a spot where you can spend a little for a full tune up, sometimes as little as $500.

  6. Basic Repairs and Maintenance

    Before looking ahead to big projects, simply fixing the things that are rusting and breaking down will quickly help your home’s resale value.

  7. Conservation Consciousness

    Everyone is going green these days and they will expect their prospective home to be ready for that energy conscious future.

  8. The Kitchen

    This is the place where families spend a lot of time in and often find the most important to look top notch.

  9. The Floors

    Reworking your home’s floors are a great investment with some home improvers spending as little as $700 on new materials and returning a value of up to $3,000.

  10. Take Down the Color

    Your personal tastes shouldn’t play too big a role when looking to resell your home. White walls will allow prospective buyers to imagine their own taste being applied.