March 07 2015

Cater Your Next Company Lunch With Veggies From Your Own Garden

Urban jungles are starting to look a lot greener lately as more individuals and businesses are embracing rooftop gardens. The benefits of green roofing are manifold: They help reduce carbon emissions in the environment, they lessen the burden of water run-off from flash flooding and the can increase property values. For businesses, rooftop gardens can boost employee morale by providing a tranquil place to relax during their breaks. Most novice gardeners gravitate toward flowers and decorative plants, but if you really want to make your employees happy, you should invest in an edible garden.

Growing vegetables in a company garden does more than provide healthy snacks for your employees; it can increase your bottom line by reducing the amount of money you spend on food. Hiring caterers for company events can get expensive fast, and even if you purchase produce from a local grocery store, the prices are highly marked up because of the cost of transportation and the need for stores to make a profit. Why spend hundreds of dollars and hours of time coordinating catering for every event when you can make a one-time investment in green roofing and become your own caterer?

Once established, maintaining a rooftop garden can be very easy. Many businesses with green roofs organize employee gardening clubs to manage all of the upkeep. Since many businesses have specialized staff that rarely communicate with each other, having a community project that benefits everyone provides an excellent avenue for employees to mingle and feel invested in the company as a whole.

Some businesses around the world are taking things to the next level and introducing bee colonies to their gardens. In London, the local government gives incentives to businesses in certain areas that keep bees. Bees can make your garden flourish as they transport pollen to their hives. Of course, they also provide something everyone loves: honey! Olswang, a law firm based in London, gives all of its employees homemade honey for Christmas at very little cost to the company.

Join the green roofing movement to help save money and the environment. You and your employees will be reaping the benefits of the seeds you sow for years to come.