August 27 2014

Condominium Spring Preparation Checklist

It’s getting near the time of year where areas that get snow during the winter are starting to experience melting snow. For managers of apartments or condominiums they’ve got some serious work to do. Here’s some tips to make the job as safe and efficient as possible.

  1. Clear the areas where people traffic first. When the weather starts to clear a lot of them will have ‘cabin fever’ and be eager to get out and around. Another reason to clear those areas first is because you don’t want any of your residents to slip and fall.
  2. Clear the kid’s play areas early too. If you’ve got play areas where kids will be, clear those areas too. Kids don’t fall as ‘hard’, and they tend to bounce more, but you still don’t want anybody to get hurt. Also, parents will be wanting to get their kids out of the house.

    3. Try to let the sun work in your favor. If you’ve got shaded areas on your property, try to coordinate your work crews to work on those areas when they get the most sunlight. It’ll make the job easier

  3. Clear parking areas as soon as possible. People will tend to want to go shopping when the sun starts to come out and it gets warner. They’ll be driving more, in some cases, so get the parking lot clear quickly to make it easier for them to access their vehicles.
  4. Get those stairs clear of snow and ice ASAP. In many cases stairwells will not have been exposed to snow coverage but for any that were, and might still have some ice or snow on them, get them clean (and SAFE) as soon as possible. Some people will be focusing on the pretty weather and they’ll forget that the stairs, just like the roadways under a bridge, tend to stay colder longer.
  5. Work around your residents’ schedules. Take into account those times when you’ll have more walking traffic around your property. It might be hard to do but do the best you can. You don’t want your snow removal crews to be impeded but you also don’t want them to impede normal activities of your residents. Sometimes you might want to have your crews work on certain areas either very late or very early.
  6. Use eco-friendly ice-melt/removal compounds if it’s appropriate. Lots of building managers use various types of chemicals that accelerate the melting of ice. It makes sense to speed the job up in certain areas of your property. But if you do use these compounds, be sure it’s safe for kids and pets and also vegetation (i.e. relative to any run-off from it).
  7. Be sure to give your residents advance notice. To the extent possible, be sure to give advance notice to your residents when you have snow removal work scheduled. You don’t want anybody planning some sort of function that might impede your work or which your work might endanger.
  8. Be sure to have safety precautions if you’ve got crews working on the roof. If your people are up on the roof, or if you’ve got contractors up on the roof removing snow, be double sure there’s safety monitors and /or some sort of clear posting of danger warnings down on the ground.
  9. Keep icicles off the roof at all times. During the winter you should have your maintenance personnel keep icicles off the roof eaves at all times. They can be very dangerous both physically and legally.

These tips will get you started. Most experienced property managers will have their own routine they’re very familiar with as well as a crew who can do this kind of thing almost in their sleep, but when you’ve got hundreds of residents to worry about, it’s always smart to ‘stay professional’ and organized.