January 07 2015

How to go green in your home renovation project

Lots of people are putting remodelling time and money into their homes today because of the increasing cost of heating and cooling and also because they’re spending more time at home. One of the key values in home remodelling projects is the concept of ‘green’ remodelling.
Green remodelling simply means that as much recycled material as possible are used and that the functioning of the home is made as energy efficient as possible especially as related to energy efficiency. Construction waste is one of the most common materials found in landfills and every pound of construction material that is eliminated by ‘going green’ is one less pound that damages the environment through the slow process of landfill degradation and decomposition.

Here are some simple ideas that people are using when they decide to ‘go green in their home renovation projects:

Idea Number One: Rather than buying completely new countertops and have the burden of disposing of the old countertops, smart home remodelers have learned how to resurface those old countertops and cabinets with a whole host of environmentally friendly coatings that come in a variety of colors, can be applied very quickly and are very durable.

This type of resurfacing/refacing product is a water based material that sprays on, has no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) or harmful fumes and negates the necessity of old materials being dumped in a landfill.

Idea Number Two: Give it away rather than throw it away. Remodelers have discovered that most discarded home furnishings and equipment can be reconditioned and used by somebody else.

Idea Number Three: Reconfigure your laundry room to do more pre-soaking thus reducing the water necessary to wash your clothes. Also you can do more drying of your clothes in the sun. Also you can use less hot water (thereby saving electricity).

Idea Number Four: Install skylights to let in more natural sunlight, heat and thereby reduce lighting and heating bills proportionately.

Idea Number Five: Many of the newest appliances are even more energy-efficient than the latest Federal standards. For example, one new refrigerator by Whirlpool uses only about as much energy as a 60 watt light bulb. That’s not very much!

Idea Number Six: Sound pollution is another factor of the ‘green’ concept and most of the newest appliances are amazingly quiet.

Idea Number Seven: Some of the new kitchen ranges use electromagnetic energy to disperse heat more evenly through pots and pans and throughout the food. Sort of like a stovetop microwave and it’s much more efficient that old-style heating coils or gas, both of which lose a lot of heat into the air.

Idea Number Eight: Install a tankless water heater. They not only take up less space but they use drastically less energy and have been documented to lower a home’s energy bill by as much as 50%.

These are just a few ideas. Every home presents a different set of circumstances within which one can work but there’s no doubt that modern technology has done wonders toward making our homes (and offices) increasingly ‘green’ thus making now a perfect time to go green in your home renovation project.