November 27 2014

The Perfect Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year again! Most people start looking for that perfect Christmas tree about a month from the treasured holiday. For some families, they simply go out and buy an artificial tree and spend an evening putting it together and decorating it with their family. Other families prefer to go out to a Christmas tree lot and buy one from a tree dealer. Then there are those that prefer the age-old tradition of going out onto a tree farm or out into the woods to find their very own Christmas tree. If that’s your idea of a good time, then lets talk about the perfect Christmas tree!

We don’t want to be a downer, but the most important thing to remember is safety when you plan on going out to cut your very own Christmas tree. There are two main options that you can choose for cutting down your own Christmas tree.

First, there are tree farms all over the place outside of most cities and towns around the holiday season. Find one that is in your area and call them to ask about the rules on their tree farm. Some have different prices, rules and amenities. You will find that some of the tree farms have other attractions like the option to take a hay or horse and buggy ride or even get your picture taken with Santa! Some tree farms will have tools ready for you to use to chop down your tree, others will require you to have your own tools (ax, saw or chainsaw) and some will even do it for you, but what’s the fun in that?

If you’ve never chopped down a tree, don’t think that it’s easy to use an ax. Healthy, green trees can take some hard work to chop down with an ax and often the tree will have jagged edges. It’s usually best to use a saw or chainsaw if possible on your tree. Some tree farms will allow you to use a chainsaw, but it’s best to call before you leave just to make sure. You can typically use a chainsaw in some forests or parks, but you should always call your ranger station before you go to learn the rules for your local forest or park. Saws and chainsaws leave clean smooth edges and are usually easier to deal with when setting your tree in its base when you get it home.

If you plan on going out into the forest or park to get your tree make sure that you and your family dress appropriately and it’s a good idea to bring along a snack or a lunch, especially if you’re going to be traveling or walking a long distance to get your tree. If it’s cold make sure to dress warm and wear good waterproof boots, if there’s a chance that you will have to go through wet areas or mud.

After you pick your location, you get your tools ready, your have your food packed and you’re dressed for the occasion, don’t forget that your tree may be pretty heavy. A good tip is to bring something to tie or wrap your tree up so it can be easily moved and not drag half the forest back to your vehicle with you. If you have a sled to pack your tree out, bring it. A sled can make a world of difference when moving a 150 lb tree a few miles through rough terrain. Don’t forget to make sure your tree gets plenty of water after you cut it. If you fail to get your tree into water quickly, it may dry out and seal the cut meaning that you will have to cut it again at the base. We hope that you tree is perfect and that you and your family have a beautiful Christmas and holiday season! Tarion is a private corporation which was founded in 1976 to protect the rights of new home buyers and regulate new home builders.