September 27 2015

Top 5 Home Improvement Trends of 2015

Owning a home means having a continual list of areas needing repair. For many different reasons, families often choose to make their home more livable. There are many styles, techniques and tools that serve as inspiration for 2015 if you feel the need to upgrade, redecorate or renovate.

Generic Design

The concept basically involves making a space more functional and appealing to all living in the home. Interior spaces may continually transform based on the current needs and preferences of the occupants.

Smarter Homes

An array of electrical chords, outlets and timers were once the means of automating lamps, coffee makers, sprinklers and other appliances. Today, homeowners can automate virtually every electronic device via specially designed integrated systems and control panels.

LED Lighting

The funky looking spiraled, energy-saving bulbs are more and more frequently being replaced with the more visually appealing array of LED lighting alternatives. Options range from bulbs and strips to ropes. The particularly creative have taken to hiding miniaturized LED light components into any number of everyday objects, which makes for unusual eye-catching accent works of art.

Energy Conserving Projects

Energy efficient HVAC systems, solar water heaters and entire house fans are some of the appliances now available that help households reduce energy usage and costs while additionally minimizing a family’s carbon footprint. Tubular skylights offer a modern means to no-cost lighting. Water-conserving landscaping keeps yards looking their best with less needed water and less effort.


The ideaology involves reducing waste by reusing or recycling someone else’s trash into your modern treasure. Old wood palettes might serve as a many different types of furnishing that include headboards and bed frames. Galvanized trash cans might make unique backyard planters or rainwater collection devices. The possibilities for upcycling are virtually endless and merely require a bit of imagination.