March 27 2015

Top 5 Tips for Offices Going Green in 2015

The time for spring cleaning is here, so it’s out with the old and in with the new. More businesses are going green every day, and March is the perfect month for making your office more environmentally friendly. Here are five ideas to help your company save the environment and cut costs in the process.

1. Invest in LED Lamps

LED bulbs shine brighter than florescent and incandescent bulbs while consuming a fraction of the energy. They also last longer and are easy to maintain, which cuts down on landfill waste and reduces your power bill. Installing LED lamps can be pricey at first, but most businesses make their money back and begin saving within 18 months.

2. Exorcise Your Phantom Power

Even if you’re careful about shutting off electronics at the end of the workday, anything plugged into an outlet can still be drawing a small amount of electricity called phantom power. No need to hire a priest; you can lower your energy bill and your environmental footprint by connecting items to power strips that you unplug at night.

3. Allow Workers to Telecommute

This is one all of your workers will appreciate. Telecommunication saves everyone time and money, reduces carbon emissions and can even improve productivity. Even letting people work from home one or two days a month can greatly boost morale, and you’ll save money on your utility bills by not having to operate on those days.

4. Switch to Reusable Pens

Millions of disposable ink pens end up in the trash every day. Assigning everyone a reusable pen and keeping ink refills around is cheaper, better for the environment and gives employees an incentive to keep up with office supplies.

5. Green Web Hosting

You may not think that your company website is doing anything to harm the environment, but web hosting consumes a massive amount of energy while releasing harmful gasses into the air. Green web hosting companies power their servers with sustainable energy such as solar power, so making the switch greatly reduces your indirect your carbon footprint. You can also incorporate your company’s environmental consciousness into your marketing. Many customers will gladly pay a little extra to buy from a company that cares about the greater good.