May 07 2015

Why LED Lights are Now a No-Brainer for Everyone

LED, or light-emitting diode, lights have become standard in homes and workplaces for good reasons: they save money by lasting longer and being more energy efficient. Additionally, they can output an array of different colors of light, making them very adaptable for different settings. If you need further convincing, read below for more details about the benefits of LED lights over old fashioned fluorescent and incandescent halogen lights.

LED Lights Shine Brighter Using Less Energy

Since LED lights are better at turning electricity into light than standard bulbs, they can emit more light while consuming less energy. Whereas a standard fluorescent bulb outputs about 60 lumen per watt of energy consumed, LED bulbs can produce over 90 lumen per watt of energy consumed. This difference translates into lower energy bills and helps the environment by reducing landfill waste.

LED Lights Can Produce Many Colors

Unlike incandescent lamps, LED lights can produce different colors depending on the semiconductor material used, which offers a lot of versatility. For example, warm white is similar to the glow of classic incandescent bulbs and is ideal for intimate settings like restaurants. Cool white, on the other hand, provides high contrast and is ideal for showcase rooms at museums and art galleries.

LED Lights are Reliable Yet Cheaper Long Term

LED lamps rarely need maintenance and can run for about 40,000 hours before they need to be replaced. Business that have to keep the lights on throughout the night can expect to make their money from the initial investment back through lower maintenance and energy bills within 18 months.

They Are Easy to Replace

Due to the simple design of their bulbs, switching out old bulbs for LED lights is simple. While slight alterations must be made in some cases, such as when replacing fluorescent T8 lamps with LED T8 tubes, any experienced electrician will appreciate the ease of the job.

If you’re still using florescent or incandescent lighting, it’s time to finally get with the 21st century. Some countries like the U.S. are considering legislation to phase out the sell old incandescent bulbs for good, so now is the perfect time to jump on the LED bandwagon.