February 07 2015

Why You Should Start Preparing for the Snow Melt in February

Before winter wraps up, you need to get prepared for the changing of seasons. All of the snow on your property will soon turn into water, and if that happens rapidly, you could have a flood on your hands. February is the perfect time to start getting ready for the impending snow melt, so grab a shovel and start defending your fort. Here is a checklist of measurements you can take to reduce your risk of flood damage this year.

  • Shovel snow away from the foundation of your home giving special attention the vicinity of window wells
  • If your lot drains along the outside edges of your property, make sure to remove snow from those spaces
  • Do not shovel snow onto the streets as it can block drains and cause accidents
  • Regularly check and clear catch basins of ice, snow and other debris that accumulates
  • Make sure downspouts are free of ice and extend them by two metres or more to ensure water drains away from your home’s foundation
  • If you have low lying spots around your foundation, consider filing them with sandbags to prevent water from pooling there
  • Use a pump to draw water into the gutter if it starts getting too close to your foundation. Check your local city plumbing guidelines before pumping.
  • Use a roof rake to clear snow from your roof and eaves. Snow removal from high rooftops can be dangerous, so carefully consider hiring a professional to do the job for you.

Most importantly, stay safe! Since you’re putting all of this effort into your home, you want to make sure you can fully enjoy it during the rest of the year. Whether you’re preparing for the snow melt on your own or calling in a professional, labour and costs can quickly add up; however, the costs of repairs from flood damage are much more expensive. Don’t sit back and just let Mother Nature take her course; consider shoveling snow as a long term investment in the value of your home.