August 14 2013

Heavy Rainfalls Caused Massive Floods in Canada in July of 2013

Heavy Rainfall Causes Flooding In Canada In July Of 2013

july 2013 floods in canada

The flooding was extensive as heavy rains washed over areas surrounding the GTA in July of 2013. There were quite a few companies working to help with the clean-up. Many of the contractors were working along side and hand-in-hand with the victims of the flooding. Homes, businesses and countless vehicles all over the GTA, Niagara and Calgary were hit with extensive water damage. Even sections of the subway were rendered without power and over 1000 people were stuck on a commuter train for hours after the flood waters rose so high that they effectively caused a river in the bottom on a 10-car, double-decker train. “Now that was a lot of water,” a trapped passenger said looking down at his soaked pants after being rescued from the train.

Extensive Flooding Breaks Local Records

Emergency and rescue workers, contractors and volunteers from all over the city came out in droves to help those in need and the rescue effort was very successful especially considering the amount of rain that fell during the thunderstorms. Nearly 10 centimeters of rain fell during the flooding nearly 3 times the previous record amount of 3.6 centimeters set back in summer of 2008. was one of the emergency flood recovery teams that spent days assisting both residential and commercial flood victims and then weeks helping them with all of the after effects of the flooding. is one of the most efficient and dependable flood recovery contractors in the GTA as they have proven over the years.

Laughter Is Medicine For The Soul

One of the unfortunate victims in the Niagara area was surprisingly comical about his basement being overrun by the creek in his back yard when he said that the fishing in his basement is great, he just has to watch for furniture when reeling in. Luckily the family had contacted to extract the remaining water and the man’s home was restored and dried within a few days after the water receded. It still needs a bit of work to repair some damaged drywall, but fortunately the water was extracted before it caused any major damage to his home. There are countless stories like this one for homes and businesses all over Calgary, Niagara, GTA and nearly every suburb and city around the Golden Horseshoe.

Disaster Met With Bravery had a number of crews utilized all over the GTA to help the flood victims and to start full flood recovery for the citizens affected by the massive amount of rainfall. Some of the people that are in the path of nature may cut up about it and keep a positive attitude in the face of disasters, but flooding is no joke especially if you become one of its victims. During the July flooding in the GTA and areas around Calgary and Niagara hundreds of thousands of people were affected by the heavy rains, but there will always be those extraordinary souls willing to brave nature and the elements to help those in need.