September 27 2013

The Beatles Artwork Launch at Film Festival Attracts Devoted Fans

By: Ryan Lindsay September 16, 2013

The Beatles Artwork
© Bella Luma Films

Bella Luma Films, CanWood Entertainment and the Pop69 Production team were joined by over 450 people in the festivities celebrating the Pop69 Film production and the revealing of a rare piece of artwork created by The Beatles.

Toronto, ON — Bella Luma Films, CanWood Entertainment and the Pop69 Production team were joined by iconic artists from the Toronto Film and Music industries at the HardRock Café in Toronto, on September 10th 2013. Over 450 people accompanied Johnny Brower in the festivities celebrating the Pop69 Film production planned for Spring 2014, and the revealing of a rare piece of artwork done by The Beatles.

The Pop69 Film relates the adventures of Brower and a tribe of late teens and twenty somethings, as they unwittingly changed the musical and cultural landscape for ever by staging an event causing John Lennon to break from the Beatles and do a last minute live performance. “I haven’t felt so alive in years.” Lennon gushed after the Toronto show. A week later Lennon told the other Beatles it was over.  Did a rock festival break up The Beatles? Pop69 will tell the tale of how this moment came into being. Maclean’s Book of Lists Volume 2 declared John Lennon’s 1969 appearance in Toronto as the #1 Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Moment in Toronto’s history.

“We are so thankful for the excitement and support behind the Pop69 Film. The fun our guests had interacting with this rare piece of historic artwork, pre-Beatles break up, pre Rock n Roll Revival concert was amazing” states Brower.

As opposed to the traditional media wall, guests were invited on stage to capture their moment in rock history by posing with the only authorized physical copy of artwork created by all four Beatles. The original was given to The Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. “In the late 60s we saw the emergence of The Doors, Alice Cooper, John and Yoko Lennon, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin and many more, who created the modern rock concert business,” he reflects as the topic of exploration for the feature movie. “We want to ensure the Pop69 movie does justice to one of the greatest untold stories in rock and roll.”

In honor of Alice Cooper, and the infamous chicken incident which happened at the 1969 Rock n Roll Revival, no chicken was served throughout the course of the evening. & Disaster Recovery Team co-sponsored the event, who helped Torontonians reconstruct their lives and homes after recording breaking amounts of rain flooded the downtown community. They provided vegetarian appetizers similar to what John Lennon and Yoko Ono enjoyed post 1969 Concert. Jacob`s Creek was the wine of preference for evening celebration featuring Jacob’s Creek Classic Chardonnay and Jacob’s Creek Classic Shiraz.

“It was an honor to be supported and surrounded by so many fabulous friends”, proclaimed Brower at the end of the night.

Guests are invited to pick up their photos via the CanWood Entertainment Facebook Page.