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July 09 2014 0comment

What To Do In An Emergency Flood Recovery Situation

You get home late at night after a movie with the wife and kids, you open the door and immediately something doesn’t seem right. You pause, listen and then you hear it…. a fizzing, sprinkling, gurgling kind of sound. You walk over to the basement door, open it and there it is… your own little […]

June 09 2014 0comment

5 Categories of Green Home Improvement Idea

Sometimes when you read articles about green home improvement ideas they get so wrapped up in details that you lose site of the overall idea. For that reason, lets remind ourselves of the ‘big picture’ of what our options are… and then you can figure out actually where you want to devote your interest and […]

May 27 2014 0comment

41% Energy Savings With What Used to Be a Toy

LED’s have been around for several years actually but they were actually more commonly found as components of toys. Then they began to work their way into electronic gadgets, then into outdoor signage and most recently they’ve become the ‘next big thing’ in energy savings in homes. Businesses are getting heavily into LED fixtures now […]

May 09 2014 0comment

Is Your Commercial Structure Ready For The Next Power Outage?

Businesses have a new problem to worry about. It’s the very fundamental issue of power. The idea that the lights wouldn’t come ‘on’ in a business could hardly have been imagined as recently as 10 years ago but it’s a looming, and really scary reality now. Over the last 15 years, power outages amounted to […]

April 02 2014 0comment

The Snow is Melting!

Protecting Your Commercial Structure From Flood Damage The departure of a rough winter is good news for everybody but the danger isn’t over yet. Warming weather and melting snow bring their own unique danger…..lots of water from all that melting ice. Depending upon where commercial property is situated relative to melting water runoff, this time […]

January 24 2014 0comment

Top 2 Home Fire Reasons In January

Home fires are still a problem. One doesn’t really need statistics to know that. Just read the paper, watch the news or (better yet) just listen to the not-infrequent sounds of fire engines racing down the street. They’re not racing around and making all that noise just to celebrate somebody’s birthday. Home fires still happen […]

January 12 2014 0comment

Top 3 Things To Check To Avoid A Home Flood This January

It used to be that you could pretty well predict where floods were likely to happen. Certain places were prone to it and other places were not. But in recent years the weather pretty much everywhere has been totally crazy and it’s possible to have your home (or business) flooded almost anywhere. Floods traditionally come […]

December 22 2013 0comment

Green Tips For Your Office

Whether you own, manage or simply ‘work in’ a business, most companies are interested in ideas to make their work environment more ‘green’ (i.e. environmentally friendly). As technology advances, new ways to make businesses green spring up and it’s also true that people are increasingly more enthusiastic and cooperative toward green initiatives nowadays too. So […]

September 27 2013 0comment

The Beatles Artwork Launch at Film Festival Attracts Devoted Fans

By: Ryan Lindsay September 16, 2013 © Bella Luma Films Bella Luma Films, CanWood Entertainment and the Pop69 Production team were joined by over 450 people in the festivities celebrating the Pop69 Film production and the revealing of a rare piece of artwork created by The Beatles. Toronto, ON — Bella Luma Films, CanWood Entertainment and the Pop69 […]

August 14 2013 0comment

Heavy Rainfalls Caused Massive Floods in Canada in July of 2013

Heavy Rainfall Causes Flooding In Canada In July Of 2013 The flooding was extensive as heavy rains washed over areas surrounding the GTA in July of 2013. There were quite a few companies working to help with the clean-up. Many of the contractors were working along side and hand-in-hand with the victims of the flooding. […]